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DZ "N" behind Pegasus Bridge/Ranville for the 60th Anniversary of D-Day

This year's jumps were performed at a height of 800 feet (AGL) from a C-47 aircraft with 32' Non-Steerable PX4 Parachutes onto the main DZ used by the British Airborne Forces on 6 June 1944.

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View from the cockpit of a C-47 in formation with another as they begin their jump run

Inside view of a slow exit conducted by the 16 jumpers of the 1st stick, 1st lift, 2nd C-47

FJ - Alarm!

Pathfinder 1st 4 Jumpers from Stick 1 - Lift 1

RAF Stick (15 jumpers) and Pathfinder Stick (16 jumpers) in the Air Together

Long on the DZ

Full Stick Jumping - Stick 1 - Lift 2

Landing the PX4

View of a parachute jump from a leg camera

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