WWII French Résistance (F.F.I.) (français)

"Whatever happens, the flame of French resistance must not die and will not die."

General de Gaulle, June 18, 1940

Mouvements Unis de la Résistance - Armée Secrète du Corrèze (Région A5)
Maquis de l'As de Coeur (groupe MITRAILLETTE).

l'As de Cœur maquis has been a recognized unit in the Texas Military Historical Society since 1996. We are World War Two reenactors, our primary interest is in gathering, preserving and displaying the equipment, weapons and uniforms of a French AS-MUR maquis. We enjoy participating in living history events and private tactical battles. Our headquarters is in Austin, Texas.

The maquis we portray was a part of the Corréze area Armée Sécret in 1944. It helped slow the 2. SS Division (Das Reich) on its way to the Normandy beachhead. See the links for more information and photos.

We are always interested in trading information, gaining new members and reciprocal sites! Contact us!


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